Stunning Wall Art!………Cunning Photography!

Posted: August 17, 2012 in General, Images, Photographers
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We at Loft A love these images, you have to appreciate the creativity and skill of the street artists who create these incredible pieces of urban art as much as you have to credit the photographers for composing and using the street art to produce uber interesting images…..enjoy!


Walk on by by Lachlan Hardy, on Flickr
Liberty by kamshots, on Flickr

Bicycle Race by Tony Fischer Photography, on Flickr

Urban nature by pushthisbutton, on Flickr

Streets of Bristol by geezaweezer, on Flickr

Bob Marley mural on Haight street by Franco Folini, on Flickr

Takin’ it to the BANK$Y by guano, on Flickr

Si lo dice Ernesto… by Libertinus, on Flickr

Stampede! by MSVG, on Flickr

Bradley Manning & Bidder #70 by Poster Boy NYC, on Flickr

Getting Started by davitydave, on Flickr

“We Who Believe in Freedom Cannot Rest” by Tony Fischer Photography, on Flickr

Mural by Daquella manera, on Flickr

Yashagana on a wall – 3 by ZeHawk, on Flickr

I have a dream by Rob_Wood, on Flickr

Everybody wants to ride! by eva101, on Flickr

The Streets of Santiago, People seem Strange when you’re a Stranger by geezaweezer, on Flickr

real and unreal (CC) by marfis75, on Flickr

banksy: balloon girl. Old Street London by Stew Dean, on Flickr

Shimokita Night #1 by Guwashi999, on Flickr

Lomo graffiti collision by srboisvert, on Flickr

Graffiti near Borough Market by dan taylor, on Flickr

by Glyn Ridgers

courtesy of Lightstalking

  1. ayna says:

    very artistic indeed. makes me wanna paint this long wall in front of my door hihi. great photos! 🙂

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